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The supplier in plastic piping systems for greenhouse horticulture.

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For more than 50 years we have supplied our products all over the world. Plastic pipes are used in every sector. From the agricultural sector to utilities, from housing construction to civil engineering. Holstein Hortiplastics is the specialist who knows applications and products like no other.

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That expertise is built into our organisation. We have been operating in the world of plastic pipes for rainwater drains and CO2 since 1970. We began as a fitting company specialising in technical fittings for water systems. Our experience comes from our work in the field. We know what installing pipes involves, and we still benefit from that know-how every day.

We have been around for 50 years, and we have seen every new development. We know what users in a wide range of different sectors want from pipes, fittings, accessories and numerous other products. It is with good reason that projects and installations all over the world are realised with Holstein, in countries as far away as Canada, Australia, New Zeeland and Mexico.


Curious about our products? On our product page you will find a total overview of all products in our range 

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Do you have any questions or can we do something for you? You can always call us or drop by our offices in Honselersdijk and Bleiswijk.