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We are supplier in plastic pipes for rainwater drains and co2 since 1970. Curious about what we do and if we can do something for each other? 

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About Holstein Hortiplastics B.V.

Plastic pipes are used in every sector. From the agricultural sector to utilities, from housing construction to civil engineering. Holstein Hortiplastics is the specialist that knows applications and products like no other. 

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That expertise is built into our organisation. We have been operating in the world of plastic pipes for rainwater drains and CO2 since 1970. We began as a fitting company specialising in technical fittings for water systems. Our experience comes from our work in the field. We know what installing pipes involves, and we still benefit from that know-how every day.

We have been around for 50 years, and we have seen every new development. We know what users in a wide range of different sectors want from pipes, fittings, accessories and numerous other products. It is with good reason that projects and installations all over the world are realised with Holstein, in countries as far away as Canada, Australia, New Zeeland and Mexico.

Two locations

With our two locations – Westland and Lansingerland – we are strategically located with the greenhouse industry in mind.

At both locations we permanently keep a large stock. With our own transport, you also have the assurance that your order will reach its destination in the shortest possible time. 

Our headquarter is located in Honselersdijk. Here we have 5,000 m2 inside and 10,000 m2 outside available for storage. Bleiswijk adds another 2,000 m2 (inside) and 5,000 m2 (outside). This makes Holstein the supplier with the largest stock of plastic pipes in the Netherlands! 


Do your employees need  parts right away? No problem at all for Holstein Hortiplastics. Did you know that almost the entire range is always available from stock?

We keep a large stock permanently at our two locations. Whether it concerns common parts or a special part: one phone call to Holstein and it will be arranged. Handy when the specifications of a project undergo a last-minute change. Or if your employees discover at work that an appendage or a T-piece is missing. Fast transport is also taken care of. With our own transport, you also have the assurance that your order will reach its destination in the shortest possible time.

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A fixed part of every order at Holstein Hortiplastics: service. A question about a product, a change in an order: we are always at your service immediately. Because we have been active for more than 50 years, Holstein is a reliable link in your production process. Thinking along when you place an order: if you need these tubes, do not forget to order these and these accessories? Play the role of adviser when you have a question that your own specialists cannot answer. And leave the planning to the planning, if you are in a hurry for those few PVC pipes. Specifications for projects are not infrequently changed last-minute. Holstein anticipates this. Even at the very last minute, you have the assurance that we can meet your requirements. Whether it’s twenty trailers of plastic pipes or that batch of white cuff fittings you can’t find anywhere. 

Holstein Hortiplastics transport

Loading containers in Honselersdijk

From our location in Honselersdijk we load containers with PVC pipes and fittings. Do you have a project abroad that needs to be shipped in Containers? We deliver the products and load the containers. Feel free to call us for the possibilities. 

Holstein Hortiplastics transport


It happens all the time: you need pipework or pipes for installations and projects and you need them right now? That is why Holstein Hortiplastics has its own transport.

There are enough reliable transport firms in our region, but we prefer to take care of transporting our own products ourselves. Why? Because this offers much more flexibility. Just think: nine times out of ten you place your order on time. That tenth time, though, you discover that you actually need that order tomorrow. Or perhaps even today, if possible? 

Transport through The Netherlands

With Holstein this is not a problem. Our four lorries drive all around the Netherlands, every day. We also service destinations just over the border in Belgium and Germany. Two of our lorries are fitted with mobile cranes, so that they can begin unloading as soon as they are on site, without taking your own employees or equipment away from their work. Having our own fleet means greater flexibility and allows us to quickly plan our routes to fit your requirements.

We also take care of the entire logistics process surrounding your orders: from drawing up packing lists to making the necessary arrangements for loading containers if your plastic parts need to be shipped to a project anywhere in the world!

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Do you have questions or is there anything we can do for you? You can always call us.